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April 12, 2006


Andre IC

Glad to hear about it. I'll be ordering it. I am looking forward to seeing you perform some time. Thank you for the music.

Andre IC

I did have a close chance to hear you play in Big Sur at Quiet Quiet Ocean Spell, but i arrived on the second day. Yes, thank you Andy and Devendra, and you people who work to share this music.
friend in love,


I look forward to hearing the album! I just heard the dublab podcast and deliquesced. The voice on the third song was at once so haunting and so familiar.

I've met you all a couple times but most notably during your Montreal show with Smog. We ate bagels and did boogie dancing! I've written a song too that I'm sure has found some inspiration from your music but isn't nearly as mellifluous. It's called "Rain Paintings" and you can listen to it at myspace.com/goodmangoodman.

If you're adventurous, you can also check out some queer dance pop. The song is called "The Latest Information" at myspace.com/telefauna. This isn't meant to be shameless advertising on the 'comment' space, so maybe you can black-marker these addresses later.

Keep in touch! (you too mademoiselle sjm!)

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