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May 06, 2006



I can't wait to see Feathers in San Francisco in July.The new album is brilliant! I love it.


Wow! You need to come by Sweden or Denmark when you tour Europe. I'm dying to see you guys live.


Oh Oh Oh I love the Grandmother Constellation song so much it hurts. It makes me feel like doing unholy things. Well, it makes me feel like making things, anyway.


Hey, any chance you guys will make it to the southern California area in July? I'll definitely have to try and make it up to San Fran if you don't.

Naseeb gill

i saw you guys at tonic in nyc....i yelled something about kansas...i'm repeating it now, you should totally come to Lawrence, Kansas if you're ever in the area. i think you guys would get a really great crowd.


Heard you guys on NPR..really refreshing, thanks so much and keep it up

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