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June 16, 2006



Hey Feathers! I think you need to check out beautiful Loppen in Copenhagen, Denmark. http://www.loppen.dk/
I'll be there!


Sorry I don't speak very good English, I'm French. I have listened your music and she's so good. I have just listened "Old black hat with a dandelion Flower" on a sampler and when I have listened that, I have said it's just great.

Thank you



Johnny Miller

Hey Feathers!
First off, I have to say how much I love you guys. I was very lucky to get a hold of the LP version of your album about 6 months back and fell instantly in love. Unfotunately, it seems you won't be making any stops in or around Chicago anytime soon. I would love to see you perform and could probably get you an in at The Empty Bottle playing with my friends band Maps and Atlases (myspace.com/mapsandatlases) or at this really great new art gallery near my house, if you need more info about any of these places, I can help you out.
I'd really like to see you play, so if it's at all possible, please do! And I have floorspace and futon space available!
Take care!

josh alper

Hey Feathers!
I'm glad you're coming back to California. I will definitely be at your Santa Cruz show...maybe Big Sur...who knows?!
Whysp will be recording then so I'm not sure what will be....I really wish we were playing some shows with you guys...but at the same time, it will be fun to just come and enjoy the show!
Looking forward to your great sounds.
Love, Josh (& Whysp)


Hey bug,

I just heard that you are going on another tour! That is fantastic! I saw that you are going to be (or already was) in Somerville, MA. Let me know when you are coming by this way again. I live in the next town over! Love you and e-mail or call me, ok!

To the rest of the band! Woo Hoo! I will be buying a CD!

Taylor ;)


Love the music. Hope you'll visit your near-neighbors in Portland, ME.
SPACE is the place to play: space538.org


Any chance of reprinting the NY Times article on this site? i really wanna read it but their site charges $4 per article!

Ben + Vesper

Hey guys, please let us know ASOP about Knitting factory July 26-Daniel and we really want you to play! Love, Ben+Vesper


Man, I had the longest dream about you guys being out here last night!
Spanned all three times I woke up, and was VIVID. Started with Kurt and Asa and I exploring the foresty tunnels under the yerba buena museum, as we emerged, Shayna and Meara joined us, as it was time to set up for the evenings performance...though the daylight was only just breaking. It happens in my dream that you were playing in a field that was also being used for the city's 4th of July parking, and people were already showing up to claim their spots...so while you guys soundchecked I ran away from patriotic old ladies wondering if I knew what "the scheme of the parking situation was?"! At one point I think Kyle announced from onstage that "friends of feathers" should check with Greg and Cosmo (I seem to recall Cosmo being a dog sometimes) at the left of the stage - I did and recieved a small gift that was like a feathersized tootsie-pop and thank you note from the band. At this point onstage, Meara was singing, somthing I hadn't heard before, but really liked...her voice was a little distorted, that is overdriven, and she was singing against a minimal backdrop of sustained, feedback tones. Very quiet feedback. Like spectres. My new fave -I'd like to record that, if I could.
A few minutes later saw Kurt redolent in colorful 18th century style froofiness, pretending to play a tuba and doing a dance to whatever the soundguy had put on. At one point he fell down, but was fine.
The last part of the dream was at a gig the next night in a school auditorium and the band was on bleachers onstage, and I was caught out onstage, not realizing that everyone had gone backstage while the audience filtered in...I pretended to be preparing the food you use during your set, and hoped I wasn't messing anything up too badly, when I realized that I was only in boxers and a T-shirt. I woke up a bit after that, but not before my subconscious let me stand there, unsure of what to do for several minutes. Looking foreward to it!


Hey folks. I was in Arcata this weekend & the Sacred Grounds show has been cancelled. They're not allowed to have shows on Thursday nights or something.

Can anyone in Arcata recommend an alternate venue or a place for a house show? Winter Flowers & Silver Sunshine played at a house in Arcata earlier this year, but I don't have the address or telephone number.

If something works out, please post the new info. Thanks.

Andre IC

right there with josh from whysp. is it still in big sur or are you playing in oakland on the fifteenth? Entrance's list says oakland and your's says big sur. love and all from a friend in california.


Someone in Seattle wants to see you tonight, but to where shall I direct them?


hey feathers and feathers' friends, i am trying to get asa's lp with swann miller out before i head off on tour in august. if you want to pre-order it, do it now at my website (http://www.spiritoforr.com). this is the best way to make sure you get one of these. check it out.... thanks.

also i have kyle's, king tuff 'mindblow' cdr for sale now.

Robin Crutchfield

I love your album and was excited to see you at Knitting Factory last night. Loved the two of you but missed the other six. Your charming, hopeful, optimistic music made me cry tears of joy. And your closing rendition of "All You Need Is Love" summed it all up so wonderfully, my life flashed before my eyes. I'm the white-bearded 50-something no-waver that handed one of you a thank you disc of my harp and tanpura music. I hope you like it and hope I get to see you again.

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